Friday, January 10, 2014

Over Two Years?

Wow, it has been over two years since I have posted on my blog. Well, time just flies and I have not had time to really sit down and catch up. So here is a very short summary on what has been going on...

We have passed by a few birthday's the two biggest daughter turned 18 in Dec. and I just hit the big 40 just a few days ago! We are still living in VA. My oldest son got his braces off in 2013, and my daughter will be getting hers off in the next few weeks....Can't wait for that! At least I will have a few years between sets before the last two will need them. Can't wait to make corn on the cob again! ;o)

My youngest has a speech disability and does not talk very much..but last year right before his 6th birthday I got to hear my first.... I love you momma...from him, and yes we all cried!

We still homeschool..of course and have gone on a ton of field trips and a couple of vacations over the past two years.

We have lost a few dear furry members of our family....both are missed!
Leonardo..our sweet cat passed in 2012
Beethoven..our cute g. pig passed in 2012

We have also added furry members to our family..all cats in 2012
Cleopatra (adopted)
Ruby, Dorothy, and Oz 
(these three we found while driving down the road. 
All three scared and very sick, just a few weeks old..all healthy today)

Other than all the has been pretty normal...which is just fine with me...

Anyway, this is enough for now...hopefully it will not be another two years before I post again...

Till next time...
Later Tators!

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