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We use a large mix of materials while homeschooling. I am a bit of a curriculum junkie so I use a little of everything so the kids get the whole pic. They all fit pretty nicely, you can turn really anything into a unit study. That is how we use so many different types. Anyhow, this is most of what we are using this year, so far...

Curriculum's we are using at the moment:

*Religion: Bible, Lifepacs

*Math: Teaching Textbooks, Shopping, And savings.

*Science: Lifepacs, and then on top of that we use a mix of: Earthschooling, Living Books from the list on Ambleside Online, An Old Fashioned Education, Along with the science we are learning in A World of Adventure.

*History: We are using a mix of Ambleside Online, Lifepacs, An Old Fashioned Education, Story of the World, A World of Adventure, Earthschooling,  Along with other useful books and programs we have free at home. (Yes, I am a huge history buff :O) )

*English: Lifepacs, A World of Adventure, All the reading from the different courses, Along with everyday reading of favorite books.

*Latin: Lively Latin

*Chinese: Chinese with Mike (online)

*Sign Language: We are using different websites, books, And Signing Time (on tv)

*Art, Photography, Music, Health, PE, Home Ec, Character Building, Nature, Computer Programs, Etc: We just do in everyday life, my children are active and they choose what they like to do in these areas. They are always creating something, weather it is a short film, taking pictures and then editing them, coloring or making an art project, helping put new purchases together like our new lawn furniture, learning to work together, the two older kids helping their younger brothers when needed, they cook/bake, help keep home clean, they are actively getting in shape. Along with tons and tons of other wonderful things.

*Additional: Life, Living Books, Tons of Field Trips, Conversations, Nature, Drums, Piano, Internet (of course), Video's, Wii, Treadmill, Car (taking drivers ed this year!), etc....

We use the world as our classroom! :O)